Scheffrahn aims to keep long term ownership positions in a diversified portfolio of emerging ventures. Scheffrahn will seek to invest in the brand and media sector anticipating on several types of new technology and new concept business opportunities. The portfolio will be diversified among the media and brand sub sectors, sources of income and stage of economic cycle. Existing Participations

Scheffrahn will be permitted to make additional participations in existing Portfolio Companies for strategic and operating purposes. Scheffrahn will seek to generate a high rate of return from capital gains and a modest level of recurrent dividend and interest income through equity and equity-related investments. Scheffrahn will generally acquire controlling interests.

International Clients Professionalism, integrity and focus on results are the core values within the subsidiary companies. The companies of Scheffrahn work for well known Multinational Corporations as well as (Non) Governmental and (International) Administrative Organisations. Belief Scheffrahn’s business idea is built on its belief that superior returns on investments in industry must be based on management experience, industrial skill, active participation and risk taking in partnership involving both investors and management.