Terms of Use

Rules applicable on this site The main purpose of this internet-site is to give the users the possibility to find and to consult a database with information about companies as well as a professional classification of these companies and of individual entities persons who have their professional activity in Europe. It is clearly forbidden to delete, nor to make any use not conform to the nature of the data. To commercialise the content of the site through selling, renting, distribution or any other means to making available to third parties, having whatever commercial goal and, even in general, any non strict internal use of the site to support the activities of the lawful user is strictly forbidden. (For example to contact the companies or persons found, to make own invoicing, for mailings, or to send documents or parcels to the customers) In addition, it is strictly forbidden to copy or to reproduce the contents of this site. The publisher, the distributor and the supplier of information can in no case be held liable for the damages caused because of inaccuracy of the given information and the public data, unless the user can prove the direct causal link between the serious mistake or the existence of fraud and the occurred damages. Would a mistake or a lacuna be detected; Infoconcern is only obliged to take the necessary measures to inform the supplier of that information, in order to, if at all possible, bring this into account for any future publications. Furthermore is Infoconcern not hold to any reparation nor in any case liable. In case of liability of the publisher and/or distributor, they can only be forced to reimburse the price that the user paid to receive this information from Infoconcern. To judge the disputes, only the Courses of the district of The Hague are competent. Protection of the privacy This database is part of a declaration to the Commission for protection of the privacy. Each person who can prove his identity has the right, within the legal conditions, to consult the information on the site, related to his person, upon simple written and signed demand to Infoconcern, by mail or by electronic mail. Any one can also obtain the correction of every wrong individual personal data, free of charge. In the same way can anybody, who proves his identity, ask for the deletion of data about himself. In order to make sure that the demands indeed come from the persons in question, the demands will have to follow the following procedures. To delete the subscription from the database, an e-mail should be sent to info@scheffrahn.com. The email address should at least contain the name of the person who is requesting the deletion of his name. The request for deletion can also happen by fax to the number +31 20 52 44 520 or per normal mail to the following address: Scheffrahn Herengracht 23-II 1015 BA Amsterdam If the request comes from an individual entity, this one will hand over a copy of a proof of identity. If the demands come from a legal entity, a copy of the articles of association need to be added or any publication that proves the responsibilities of the representatives. The manager of the database obliges himself that any details, part of such demand, will indeed be destroyed or send back. Finally everybody has the right to oppose himself against the fact, for severe or legal reasons, that details having any relation to him would be used. The user of the internet-site is supposed to act according to the stipulations of the law of December 8 1992, for protection of the privacy for the treatment of personnel data and to the stipulations of the Royal Decree of February 13, 2001